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Seagulls Swimming Club Membership Fees

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Membership Fees

Membership fees are broken down into three categories.

  • Yearly Club Membership Fees.
  • Yearly Swim England Membership Fees.
  • Monthly Squad Fees.

Yearly Club Membership Fees

Yearly membership fees cover the base costs of running the club and give members voting rights at the AGM. All children need a parent/guardian to also be a member, although this does not mean they have to swim and can be ‘Social Only’ members.

Membership Type Fee
Swimming £50.00
Family (3 or more members) £100.00
Masters £30.00
Water Polo Only £45.00
University Student £45.00
Synchro Only £45.00
Senior Citizen £20.00
Swim/Gym Only £45.00
Social Only £5.00

Here are just some of the things your membership fee will go towards:

  • Public liability and employers insurance.
  • Equipment insurance.
  • Administration costs, e.g printing, paper, postage etc.
  • Accounting costs.
  • Bank charges.
  • Competition entry charges.
  • Music and raffle licenses.
  • Medals, trophies and awards.
  • Website hosting and domain name renewal.

Yearly ASA (Amateur Swimming Association) Membership Fees

As a ASA affiliated swimming club all swimmers, club officials and helpers need to be members of the ASA.

Membership Type Fee
Category 1 (All non-competitive swimmers, novice) £15.00
Category 2 (All competitive swimmers, 9 years and over) £33.15
Category 3 (Social and all teachers, helpers, officials) £10.05

ASA Category 1

For members of any age who are learning to swim or who are swimmers at any level, who do not compete in open meet competitions. This generally is for Masters that are not competing, Synchro and Water polo that are NOT playing at a county or regional level. This is also suitable for younger swimmers (under 9 years old) who are ONLY competing at Novice League, Club Championships and Dorset Graded Meet Level competition.

ASA Category 2

For members of any age who compete in any discipline in open competition (Including Dorset Development Meet, Southern Junior League and Arena League).

ASA Category 3

For members of any age who are not in categories 1 or 2 including, but not being limited to, any persons who have voting rights in their club by virtue of being a parent of, or a person with parental responsibility for, a member in categories 1 or 2; administrators; associate members; coaches; helpers; honorary members; life members; officers; qualified officials of any discipline; patrons; teachers; temporary members; vice-presidents and verifiers or tutors of the Association’s educational certificates.

Which Category Is Right For You?

Monthly Squad Membership Fees

Seagulls Swimming Club monthly squad fees are dependent on the squad the swimmer is in, and are due by the 7th of each month. Please be advised that all late payments will incur a 10% surcharge.

Squad Fee
Pre Gulls £35.00
Development 1 £53.00
Development 2 £55.00
Development Fast Track £64.00
Age Group 1 £68.00
Age Group 2 £70.00
Age Group Regional £72.00
Youth £60.00
Youth Performance £78.00
Youth Performance * £85.00
Masters £22.00 or £35.00 or £45.00 *
Masters Pay As You Swim £6.00 *
Water Polo £30.00 **
Synchronised £37.00

A second family member receives 10% discount and a third family member receives 15% discount.

* Dependent on the number of sessions attending per week.
** Free for pre gulls, development, age group, youth and regional youth squads.


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