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Where We Swim

Seagulls Swimming Club utilise three swimming pool locations. Our main pool is located at Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre, while we also make use of New Milton Health and Leisure Centre for some training sessions. Our masters squad have access to Lymington Health and Leisure Centre.

Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre

Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre is an indoor leisure centre with excellent facilities including a main swimming pool as well as a 12½ metre teaching pool.

The main swimming pool is 25 metres long by 12½ metres wide. The depth at the shallow end is 1 metre and 3 metres at the deep end. The pool floor gradually slopes from 1 metre to 2 metres and then sharply declines to 3 metres. The temperature of the main pool is normally set at 85℉ / 29.4℃. The pool has six swimming lanes.

The teaching pool is 12 metres long by 6 metres wide. The depth at the centre of the pool is 1 metre gradually getting shallower towards the ends at a depth of 0.75 metres. The temperature of the teaching pool is normally set at 88℉ / 31.1℃.

The main swimming pool benefits from the recent installation of six OBS11 Olympic specification starting blocks. OBS11 presents a powerful new patented feature, revolutionising the way the swimmers start from their blocks. Physical tests undertaken by top level swimmers showed faster races versus a standard block.

Two Riversmeet
Stoney Lane South
BH23 1HW

New Milton Health and Leisure Centre

New Milton Health and Leisure prides itself on offering great facilities including a pool of 25 metres in length and 10.5 metres wide, accommodating 5 lanes. The depth of the pool is graduated evenly from 0.9 metres at the shallow end to 2 metres at the deep end, the depth at the halfway mark being approximately 1.5 metres.

New Milton Health and Leisure
Gore Road
New Milton
BH25 6RR

Lymington Health and Leisure Centre

Pool length: 25m
Pool width: 11m
Shallow end: 1.1m
Deep end: 1.9m
Pool area: 262.5m2

Lymington Health and Leisure
North Street
SO41 8FZ


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Seagulls Target Meets

2019 Swim Wales Winter National Short Course Championships

From: 29th Nov 2019
To: 01st Dec 2019
Entry Deadline: 12th Nov 2019
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2019 Club Championship Session 4

Held On: 19th Dec 2019
Entry Deadline: 15th Dec 2019
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2020 Dorset County Championships

From: 18th Jan 2020
To: 09th Feb 2020
Entry Deadline: 20th Dec 2019
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