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Seagulls Swimming Club United Bristol L1 Long Course Meet January 2017

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United Bristol L1 Long Course Meet January 2017

 United Bristol L1 Long Course Meet January 2017  

Seagulls were represented by 14 swimmers in Bristol on the 7th and 8th January 2017. This meet was unusually split into two meets at the same time. So alongside the level 1 programme they had exactly the same programme for level 3 entry times. Seagulls won 3 Gold, 7 Silver and 9 Bronze in the level 1 meet, totalling 19 medals and 11 Gold, 4 Silver’s in the level 3 meet totalling 15 medals. Overall both programmes we won 34 medals to take home to Christchurch.

Miles ? Ward
Miles managed seven swims in total in the 13 year age group. ‘100’ came home from Hengrove with seven lifetime long course personal best times and five level 1 medals. His one Gold medal came from the 200m Butterfly in 2.32.23, taking off 1.73. He secured two Silver medals in the Freestyle events, 200m finishing in 2.13.70 just under half a second best and the 400m a big 6.37 second personal best in 4.37.40 for the 400m event. He followed those medals up with two Bronze medals, the first in the 400m Individual medley in a time of 5.24.83 and Bronze again in the shorter 200m individual medley a 2.65 second personal best, 2.31.28. The 13 year old narrowly missed out on another podium place in the 100m Butterfly, 4th in 1.09.75 a 1.16 personal best. Wicked start to the New Year, well done Ward!

‘Super’ Sam Small
Sam won four medals from a total of nine events in Hengrove. He won Gold in the 200m Backstroke; he was just outside of his best time, swimming 2.38.23. He followed that Gold swim with two Silver medals, the first one came in the 50m Freestyle a 0.99 personal best 27.51 and the second Silver in the 100m Freestyle taking off 1.37 seconds and getting ever closer to breaking that minute barrier, in 1.00.83. Small’s final medal in the 13 year age group was the 50m Backstroke with the smallest of personal bests possible, 0.01 off his previous best in 33.69, they all count and Bronze too. He also gained four personal best swims outside of the medal table, all round a string performance from Sam, superb!

Edward ‘The EdExpress’ Jaszek
Ed swam in 4 of the level 3 events. All four swims were lifetime best long course times and a clean Gold sweep throughout. The first event was the 50m Backstroke just under half a second faster than his previous best in 41.05. The 100m Butterfly was a 5.83 second personal best, in 1.26.97 and in the 50m sprint Fly event 1.52 improvement in 38.05. Lastly but not least a 6.40 seconds taken off his 200m Individual Medley in 3.00.06. Adding to those four personal bests and Gold medals, in the level 1 competition he added Silver in the 50m Breaststroke in 43.13. Excellent from Ed!

Sonny Chamberlain-Hyde
This was Sonny’s first long course meet and the third time ever in a long course pool. He had an outstanding meet. In the level 3 events he entered he won the 200m Backstroke in a time of 2.36.19(That time would have won the 13 years level 1 event as well) a 29.61 second personal best and the best improvement from any swimmer at the entire meet. Alongside that he bagged two Silver medals, 50m Butterfly 34.13 a 6.18 pb and 50m Freestyle 31.30 a 1.17 personal best. Adding to those swims he swam lifetime bests in all his events, so with his three medals, another 4 personal best swims. ‘Superb’ Sonny, well done!

‘Lightning’ Lawrence Elliott
Lawrence swam 7 events in Bristol although he was touch and go on even going after suffering over the Christmas period with a nasty virus. He came away with 6 out 7 personal best swims. On top of that personal best haul he won two medals. Both of them coming in the Breaststroke events, Gold in the 100m with a time of 1.31.18, 0.02 pb. The second medal was in the 200m taking 3.90 seconds off going 3.16.46 bagging a Bronze. 11 year old ‘Lightning’ Lawrence made light work of his breaststroke opponents.

Poppy “The Torpedo” Cordell-Thompson
Poppy entered 7 events in total all in the level 1 programme and came away with 7 personal best swims. The cream of the crop was her Butterfly events, the 100m where she slashed 4.54 seconds off her previous time. That swim also earned her a Bronze medal. The sprint distance Butterfly event, 50m, she completed in a time of 33.06 taking off 1.84 seconds again winning third place on the podium. Looking better every time she races, cracking job Cordell-Thompson.

Eve Goldsack
Eve won both the events that she entered in the level 3 meet. First place in the 100m Backstroke in a time of 1.13.49 and again in the Backstroke, 200m this time, winning in 2.43.60. On top of those two medals she came in third in the women’s 200m Butterfly event in 2.44.11 and that was in the level 1 programme. A solid early year performance from Eve.

Louis Goldsack
Little bigger Brother to Eve, the 15 year old swam in 4 events. Keeping it in the family winning the 100m Backstroke in the level 3 meet in a time of 1.11.09 a 2.25 second personal best. Again in the level 3 programme Louis came in third place for the 100m Freestyle taking 2.11 seconds off. Mr Goldsack swam a 31.76 in the 50m Backstroke, a 1.07 best, securing a Silver medal in the level 1 competition. He added another personal best in the 50m Freestyle, 27.74 slicing 1.04 off his previous best. Good work Goldsack!

‘Magic’ Emily McWilliam
Emily won two medals over the weekend in Bristol. The first medal was in the level 1 competition, just under a second personal best in the 400m Freestyle 5.23.04 coming in Silver position. Her final medal was in the level 3 programme; Silver in the 400m Individual Medley, the first time long course for McWilliam and a 12.74 second personal best in 6.29.87. Keep up the hard work Emily.

James Richardson
Rock steady Richardson had a total of six swims and as many personal best swims. The Breaststroke specialist boasted two medals from his favourite stroke. In the 200m event he came in third with a 1.65 pb in a time of 2.46.04. His second medal, Silver, was in the 100m Breaststroke swimming 1.18.44 a 1.54 best! He smashed his 200m individual personal best by 4.43 seconds, just missing out on a medal in 2.27.12 finishing in 4th place. Well done Mr Richardson.

‘Insane’ Isaac Ellis
Isaac swam a total of 3 events over the two day event. Two personal best swims and one medal for the 12 year old. Bronze for the 200m Breaststroke, he came in just outside of his best in 3.05.09. He managed a 17.95 personal best in the 12 year old 400m IM coming in 7th overall. He also placed one better in the 400m Freestyle, 6th, in a time of 5.01.18 a 9.72 best for ‘Insane’.

Dan ‘The Man’ Staples
Dynamite Dan came away from the New Year meet with three medals for his efforts. All medals came in the level 3 competition and all of them on the top spot of the podium. Dan’s first Gold was in the 50m Backstroke, 39.80 just under a second personal best. His second Gold was in the 200m Breaststroke in a time of 3.28.81. Finally his last Gold came in the 400m Freestyle with a huge personal best smashing 13.65 seconds off to go 5.10.95 a stand out swim of the weekend for ‘The Man’ Dan! Good job.

Jacob O’Hara
O’Hara took on 7 events in Bristol, five of those races resulting in personal best swims. The most notable swims came in the individual medley events, a 7 second lifetime best having gone 5.13.63 placing him 4th in the 400m event. In the 200m he slashed another 5 seconds off his previous best, in 2.27.58 and finished 5th overall. Solid stuff from Jacob!

Taylor ‘Swift’ Eeles
Taylor swam one day at the weekend even, entering both the sprint distance freestyle events. He sliced off just over half a second in the 100m finishing in 59.10 and coming 4th overall. In the 50m he shaved off just under half a second and agonisingly close to breaking the 27 second mark long course, in a time of 27.06 and 5th overall. Top stuff Taylor, well done.

Posted on January 20th, 2017

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